I always wanted to cruise with my gal in a car that screams, “HOT ROD!” when you look at it. I found this one nearby in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and there ain’t many T buckets in this town. I drove it home but it was in rough shape, valve train was so sloppy I couldn’t tune it, the rear end was an original ’66 Nova with original gears that I blew up immediately. The only things I didn’t rebuild was the trans and crank bearings. I had good oil pressure so I dropped the pan, installed a Melling pump—everything is Edelbrock matched engine parts. The rear carrier I had to Sawzall apart the pin. It was so galled up I couldn’t get it out to get the C clips out. I gutted the rear end, had the housing dipped, reinforced the spring perches, painted it, installed Richmond 373 on a Eaton limited slip/posi spool with superior axles, new drive shaft I had made with solid U joints, disk brakes, tires, rims, radiator, and your AWESOME thermostat housing that draws lots of attention.

It’s a stock boar SBC 350 with a 400 trans and 373 rear that locks up posi instantly. I guesstimate the car to be about 330-340 hp and it runs like a peach! I have utilized all available horse power and sticks to the road like glue. It launches like a rocket ship! I drive the hell out of it everywhere. I love going to the car shows with the wife. The kids’ eyes light up when I tell them to climb while their parents take pictures…hopefully going home
addicted to hot rods.

It took a lot of beers to complete!

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