It’s a 1974 Dodge Charger SE that I purchased in 2013. This is my dream car that I have wanted since it came out in ‘74. Since buying it, I’ve rebuilt the engine, transmission, and carburetor. After painting the engine and compartment and adding a new aluminum radiator, I added the Cool-View Thermostat unit also.

I changed the interior from the original green to a black and white alligator skin look. Lastly, I plan on adding A/C, since I live in the Deep South, painting the body a candy red and changing the vinyl top to white.

The Cool View unit looks great and it’s so cool to know with just one look if the thermostat is working properly or not. I show my car a lot and get lots of questions about it. If you have any extra business cards, I’d be happy to pass them out at the shows ! Thanks for making an outstanding innovation for high performance engines!

-Robert “Skip” from Prairieville, LA

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