Installation Instructions

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Installation Instructions

Below you can find printable PDF instructions on how to install your Cool-View unit. You’ll need Adobe Reader or another suitable PDF reader to view the instructions.

Index Pointer Replacement Instructions

The index pointer is designed to work with specific thermostats to allow you to see how far open or closed the thermostat is when installed in a Cool-View unit. These thermostats are NAPA ® units manufactured by Stant ®. They come in 2 temperature settings. The first is part number THM 139 with a temperature of 180°F. The second is part number THM 239 with a temperature of 195°F. Both will work fine with the Cool-View unit and index pointer. The index pointer may work with other thermostats but we have not tested them to see if they fit and or work correctly in the Cool-View unit.

We sell the thermostat with the index pointer already installed but you may need to replace your thermostat sometime in the future. It is not necessary to purchase a whole new assembly from us if you only need the thermostat. We wouldn’t stop you from doing that if that is what you want to do but it is not necessary. So here is how to reinstall the index pointer on a new thermostat.

  1. Take the 2 piece coupling apart and clean with alcohol including the 2 screws. Allow parts to dry. This needs to be done so that thread lock will work correctly on the threads.
  2. Remove the index pointer. The index pointer is attached to the bypass disk of the thermostat with a small amount of silicon rubber and can easily be pried loose. Clean any remaining silicon rubber off of the index pointer.
  3. When the parts are dry use one drop of LOCTITE® 222MS™ or equivalent on the end of each of the 2 coupling screws. Set the screws to the side for now.
  4. Put 2 small spots of 100% silicon rubber on the bottom side of the bypass disk.
  5. Slide the index pointer over the end of the bypass tube. It will just fit over the flared end.
  6. Slide the index pointer and spring loaded bypass disk up towards the middle, compressing the spring.
  7. Now put the half of the coupling that has the screw threads in it on to the bypass tube and let the index pointer and bypass disk slide back down to the coupling. Take the other half of the coupling and slide it on to the bypass tube. Insert the 2 screws and tighten. The thread lock will keep the threads from backing out.
  8. Now align the index pointer outside radius with the bypass disk outside radius. Wipe off any excess silicon rubber. The silicon rubber will keep the index pointer from becoming misaligned when installed in the Cool-View unit. Wait 6 hours for the thread lock and silicon rubber to cure before putting into service.

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