1963 Acadian Beaumont Convertible

1963 Acadian Beaumont Convertible

1963 Acadian Beaumont Sport Deluxe Convertible (Canadian Pontiac)
I purchased my car from the original owner 35 yrs ago for the large sum of $250.
when I retired I decided to bring it back to life and to do it as close to stock as possible.
194  6cyl as per original, 2 speed power glide with factory floor shift, power top, and 14 inch wheels.
I used it as a daily driver for a couple of years and then it became my `sunny Day`car.
It was made by GM for Pontiac dealers  to compete with the Nova.
there were only about 150 of the sport deluxe Beaumont`s made and is the same as a
Nova SS with minor changes to the chrome package.

Dans 1963 Acadian (Nova SS)9) Dans 1963 Acadian (Nova SS)8 Dans 1963 Acadian (Nova SS)7 Dans 1963 Acadian (Nova SS)5 Dans 1963 Acadian (Nova SS)4 Dans 1963 Acadian (Nova SS)3 Dans 1963 Acadian (Nova SS)2 Dans 1963 Acadian (Nova SS)1 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

-Dan from Surrey BC

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