What is Cool-View?

Cool-View is a transparent thermostat housing, that allows you to see the condition of the engine coolant and the position of the thermostat, while the engine is running. It is placed between the manifold and the thermostat housing. Cool-View works on Chevy, Mopar, Pontiac, AMC, and Oldsmobile engines. Check out the video and watch Cool-View in action!

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What Cool-View offers:

Check your coolant.

Check your coolant.

Cool-View lets you see the condition of your coolant as your engine is running.

View your thermostat.

View your thermostat.

Is your thermostat working correctly? Cool-View lets you see if it opens or closes.

It's compatible.

It's compatible.

Cool-View has options for Chevy, Mopar, Pontiac, AMC/Oldsmobile, and even a universal fit.

Installation is easy.

Installation is easy.

Cool-View is as easy to install as any other thermostat housing.

Latest news & customer rides:

1967 El Camino

I bought a unit from you last year and I wanted to let you know that I have shown my big block (427+) in my 1967 El Camino in at least a dozen or more car shows in Southern California and have yet to see another Cool-View unit. I have about $20,000 in my engine... read more

1963 Acadian Beaumont Convertible

1963 Acadian Beaumont Sport Deluxe Convertible (Canadian Pontiac): I purchased my car from the original owner 35 yrs ago for the large sum of $250. When I retired I decided to bring it back to life and to do it as close to stock as possible. 194  6cyl as per original,... read more

1940 Ford Deluxe couple

40 Ford Deluxe coupe w/502 BB Chevy sporting suicide doors and other cool stuff. I installed the “Cool-View” thermostat into my 1940 Ford Deluxe Coupe. It looks great and makes for lots of conversation, great product and easy to install. We did 15 shows... read more

What our customers think:

I really like the Cool-View Thermostat on my truck…making sure everything works properly is important to me. Thanks!


Santa Maria, CA

It looks great and makes for lots of conversation, great product and easy to install.


Easy Stroudsburg, PA

My first impression was, ‘Wow!’…I am a very happy and satisfied customer.


Staten Island, NY

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